Virgin Coconut Oil in Sri Lanka

,This is produced under control temperature conditions (below 60°C) to conserve its important compounds such as medium chain fatty acids as well as natural coconut essences with its absolute crystal clear appearance.

Amaranth Virgin Coconut Oil, “Nature’s best source of Lauric acid”

Amaranth Virgin Coconut Oil is manufactured from fresh meat of the coconut (Cocos nucifera) under the controlled temperature conditions. This crystal clear oil is rich with Lauric acid which can be found in human breast milk. Amaranth Virgin Coconut Oil does not undergo refining, bleaching and deodorizing process (RBD) as like in golden yellow coconut oil. Amaranth virgin coconut oil can be used externally as well as internally such as massage oil, as hair oil, and as an edible drink. 1-2 table spoons of Amaranth virgin coconut oil per day will give you a joyful life through many health benefits.Virgin Coconut Oil exporters from Sri Lanka




Nut Preparation:
    • Seasoned nuts: Mature nuts are kept in shade for 5 weeks before processing. Germinated and immature nuts are discarded.
    • Dehusking: Can use either a simple machine or can do manually.

Extra Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

    • Deshelling: Removing of hard brown coat

Extra Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Nut Preparation

    • Paring: Removal of brown testa. Most Processors of VCO remove this brown skin because there is a general belief that if this is included it will cause discoloration in the oil (1000 coconuts yield 40 kg of dried parings)

Coconut sri lanka

  • Splitting: Removal of coconut water. This is a manual operation.
  • Washing: Can be washed with potable water.
Disintegration of Coconut:

Cutting of the kernel into medium sized pieces. Pin – cutters are available for disintegration of coconut kernel.
Coconut sri lanka Disintegration of Coconut

Drying of Coconut:

The disintegrated coconut is dried at less than 600C until the moisture level reduces to 4%. It is recommended to use static bed and vibro – fluidized bed drier is used.

Feeding into Cold Pressing Oil Expeller:

Dried disintegrated coconut is fed into a cold pressing oil expeller at the rate of 40 Kg/hr. The press cake obtained is fed into the expeller again for expulsion of oil. Two Such expulsions are recommended for each quantity of dried disintegrated coconut. The expeller is run for 24 hrs at a stretch without causing any problem to it.

Extraction of Virgin Coconut Oil:

The initial moisture content of the dried disintegrated kernel is around 4%. If the substance is too dry, it is moistened with a small sprayer water bottle. The expelling temperature is less than 60°C. After two sequential extractions, the crude oil recovery is 650 g per kilo of dried kernel. The press cake output is about 350g (1 kg of dried disintegrated coconut yields 650g of virgin coconut oil and 350 g of press cake) The raw oil after cold pressing contains about 3- 5% solids by weight.
Extra Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
Sedimentation: The simplest and cheapest way of purifying the oil by using the gravity of earth. The density difference between the oil and the solid particles is used to separate the fluid/solid mix. Purifying by sedimentation is recommended only for small processing capacities. For the reasons of space and time, it is not recommendable to have a sedimentation system for higher processing capacities. The sedimentation removes all particles > 8μm from raw oil. The raw oil is stored in plastic barrels or in storage tanks.

Filtration: After 2 – 3 days of sedimentation the oil is filtered using a filter press. Filter press is a pressure filtering system with a throughput capacity of 3 L/hr can be used.

Storage: The Purified virgin coconut oil is stored in stainless steel tanks until bottling.

Bottling and sealing: This is done manually or using a filling machine. The bottles are sealed.

Labeling : Labeling is done manually.

Storage of Bottled VCO: The sealed bots should be placed in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.


The Health Benefits of Amaranth Virgin Coconut Oil

When applying to the body externally

  • Good for hair conditioning
  • Control fungal and bacterial infections on the skin
  • Smoothen and keep moisture level in your skin
  • Reduces the skin aging
  • Gives you a fair skin

Amaranth Virgin Coconut Oil as a drink

  • Reduces your weight
  • Gives you more energy
  • Controls diabetes
  • Controls cholesterol
  • Enhances your brain functioning
  • Improves your immune system

Virgin Coconut Oil in sri lanka

Profile of Amaranth Virgin Coconut Oil

Coconut sri lanka

CompoundTypical Values per 100 ml
Energy767 kcal
Protein0.0 g
Carbohydrate0.0 g
Fat92.5 g
Saturates86.6 g
Lauric Acid44.8 g
Mono-unsaturates (Omega 3)4.8 g
Polyunsaturates1.1 g
Cholesterol0.0 g
Fibre0.0 g
Sodium0.0 g
How to apply
  • Just take 1-2 table spoons per day. Start with a small volume and gradually increase the volume up to 2 table spoons
  • Add few drops of oil in to your meal when it is not hot
  • Use Amaranth Virgin Coconut oil as a final dressing of your fruit salad
  • Apply the oil on to your body, face and hair at a night and wash out. (You can gain the total effect by keeping oil on skin for a night)
Amaranth Virgin Coconut Oil is packed in
  • 375 ml and 750 ml glass bottles
  • 500 ml wide mouth glass jars
  • IBC tanks and Stainless Steel tanks
  • Flexi Bags
  • 10L, 20L etc. barrel based on customer’s requirement


Product types of Virgin Coconut Oil

    • oil

      Square glass bottle – 375 ml

      Virgin coconut oil packed in 375 ml square shape glass bottles. Prefer to store at room Prefer to consume where room temperature is above 25°C.

    • jar

      Wide mouth glass jar – 500 ml

      Virgin coconut oil packed in 500 ml wide mouth glass jars. 24 jars packed in a carton as bulk. Prefer to consume where room temperature is below 25°C as easier to scoop when freeze.

    • 750

      Square glass bottle – 750 ml

      Virgin coconut oil packed in 750 ml square shape glass bottles. Prefer to store at room Prefer to consume where room temperature is above 25°C. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil sri lanka

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