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Boyagane DC Mills (Pvt) Limited was established in 1958 and is one of high quality manufacturers for desiccated coconut Sri Lanka and virgin coconut oil in Sri Lanka at present.

Currently the company is popular for manufacturing desiccated coconut, organic and non-organic virgin coconut oil, hair oil, laundry soap, coconut flour as well as animal feed.
The company is consisted with 15 executive staff and 80 non executive staff. We manufacture an average of 5000 kgs of Virgin Coconut Oil and 8000 kgs of desiccated coconut per day.


The company History

Forefathers lived in Sri Lanka had started to grow coconut from late 1870’s, the colonial period. To meet demand, shipments of coconuts were produced and supplied by Ceylon (Sri Lanka).
Late Mr. T.D.S. Gunasekara was the first instigator as well as the founder of Boyagane DC Mills (Pvt) Ltd. He had been going to Kurunegala with the purpose of planting coconut. He commenced the business as a planter of coconut in the area in early 1920’s. In fact he was one of the pioneers in commercial coconut planting in the area. He earned his capital for coconut cultivation by planting papaw and selling the papaw milk. He had grown acres of coconut lands during several decades. Then his two sons and his elder brother got together and started coconut processing in the year 1958. It was a small mill in Alawwa area. They manufactured desiccated coconut and successfully exported them for many years. In 1978, they have expanded the capacity of the mill and shifted it in to the present premises of the mill in Boyagane, Kurunegala, Sri Lanka.
By stepping towards the new era of the business, Boyagane DC Mills (Pvt) Ltd was incorporated as a manufacturer and trading company in 1984 under the companies’ Act. In addition to desiccated coconut, the started manufacturing coconut oil as well. The present directors are Mr. S.D.W. Asitha Gunasekara and Mrs. Thilani Gunasekara, the son and daughter-in-law of Mr. D.D.S. Gunasekara (one of the former directors). Making another milestone, the company was re-incorporated on 23rd of December 2008 under the new companies’ Act of 2007.
Today, Boyagane DC Mills (Pvt) Ltd is fully furnished with well educated resource persons who are inspired to be new product developers and innovators to see the light of success in the company.

Basically we provide career opportunities for rural people in the area in order to uplift their living standards into more comfortable conditions than the existing ones. The executive staff is consisted with well educated and dedicated team through which the company provides sufficient facilities for whole staff with scholarships related to the industry. Not only that we proudly offer industrial trainings as well as research opportunities for university undergraduates who are the future spirit of the industry.
Not only that, we provide a platform to coconut estate owners in the area to be proud contributors to our products by supplying their harvest at a competitive price.
We provide best quality products to our customers every time. Both B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) marketing are employed to expand our availability by respecting customers’ nature of requirement. We always assure the quality of our products and thereby satisfy the customer while winning the loyalty.

” We are a member of Sri Lanka Desiccated Coconut Millers’ Association “


Our certificates

  • GMP
    The Certificate for Good Management Practices (GMP) by Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI)
  • logo2
    The Organic Certificate for United States and European countries by Control Union
  • usa
    We are a certified company in United States Department of Agriculture as an Organic Producer



Our Vision

” To provide best value for money and to be innovative “


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  • March 27, 2015 at 3:31 am

    Their are providing good quality coconut sri lanka

  • July 27, 2015 at 10:15 am

    Bulk sourcing of Organic Coconut Produce. Great product. Keep it up guys

  • July 27, 2015 at 10:20 am

    Offered a good price for the coconut produce

  • July 27, 2015 at 10:20 am

    Fresh coconut produce and coconut based health and beauty products

  • July 27, 2015 at 10:22 am

    Highly nutritious Extra Organic Virgin Coconut Oil provided by the boyagane dc mills

  • July 27, 2015 at 10:22 am

    This Extra Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is great for cooking, ideal for hair and skin moisturising, bath or message oil, and best for Oil pulling therapy


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